Business Process Management Consulting

Streamline Your Team’s Processes and Workflows 

There are two things every business needs to operate efficiently: people and processes.

However, aligning the two or understanding what processes are needed and how to build them are some of the biggest challenges businesses face.

Enter: The discipline of business process management (BPM). Working with a team of BPM consultants can help you not only understand what processes are needed; what tools, software or applications can help automate those processes; but also help you form a plan on how to execute those processes and get team buy-in.

At Jaguar Business Solutions, we specialize in working with small businesses, startups, agencies, and even solo-preneurs to develop a BPM plan that measures the performance of their processes (whether new or existing), and form a continuous improvement (CI) plan to ensure those processes are performing and delivering desired results. 

Agile Project Management Estimation

We can help with:

  • Auditing existing processes
  • Identifying gaps in processes and resources
  • Developing new processes
  • Workflow design
  • Process optimization
  • Developing and executing new frameworks
  • Integrating tools and applications to automate processes
  • Process management software setup and rollout

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