A Short Success Story

Today is a short day. I wish I had the power to tell you that you could leave work at noon and finish your holiday shopping, but, sadly, I don’t. By “short day”, I mean that today recognizes what “short” means in several ways. First, it’s National Short Girl Appreciation Day (and who doesn’t love a short girl? Seriously…), and at 5:44 (EST) this morning, it’s officially the first day of winter – the shortest day of the year.

It’s also “short story” day. So today I plan on sharing a short client success story (and I promise it will be short)…

After being in business for almost seven years, I’ve had the opportunity and the privilege to work with different businesses in different industries, different personalities, and different projects, all of which J. H. Language Solutions has truly made a difference.

Client Success Story: How We Saved a Client Time, Money, and Their Reputation…

When thinking of a good client success story to tell, one in particular comes to mind. We have been working with one particular client for over a year and a half. My team and I provide them with over 50 unique and 100% original pages of web content every single week for their own clients. Each page is written, edited, uploaded and formatted to fit their clients’ sites, which are built in WordPress.

One week while we were writing and uploading content per our usual assignment, we realized that all of the content we had written were all duplicate pages. After proactively doing some investigation, we discovered that there were over 100 pages that had been previously written and were active pages that had been published years before we partnered with them.

After we discovered this, rather than continue to write the content as assigned and charge our client money, we stopped the project and immediately presented our findings to them. We provided a synopsis of the problem, screenshots and links as evidence, and shared the content we had already written. The client was shocked to say the least, and was impressed and thankful that we took the time to find the problem. We also worked with them to come up with a solution, which involved re-purposing and recycling some of the content we already created.

Had we gone forward and published the duplicate pages, those clients’ websites would have been “punished” by Google, affecting their rank and search results, and it would have cost our client more time to figure out what happened (if they discovered it at all) and money as they would have had to pay us for content they had already created.

Maybe other content writers or marketing agencies wouldn’t have picked up on it, or maybe they would have just continued writing content, putting the responsibility on the client, and continued to charge them money without saying anything. However, by putting in the extra effort and time, by looking out for our clients’ best interests, and being honest, we saved them time, money, and maybe even their reputation. This is a simple example of how J. H. Language Solutions truly makes a difference.

Our Customer Satisfaction Survey: Great Things Come in Small Packages…

One of the things J. H. Language Solutions has been doing for Q4 2016 is a customer satisfaction survey for all clients. As a “thank you” gift for participating in the survey, we’ve been sending out (spoiler alert!) boxes with ear buds with the J. H. Language Solutions green brand and a small, handwritten “thank you” card.

For one of our clients, we write up to 20 press releases, all pertaining to different industries and promoting different services every month. After completing October’s content order, we asked if that client would consider taking the survey, which she agreed to. After completing the survey, I inevitably sent her the headphones in the small box. Several days later, she sent me an email thanking me for her headphones, and said they arrived just as she was about to purchase a new pair of headphones because her old pair broke.

As far as results of the survey, here are what our clients truly think about us and our services:

  • 100 percent of clients are “very satisfied” with our services
  • 100 percent of clients think we are “a good value for money”
  • 80 percent of clients think we are “reliable”
  • 60 percent of clients think we meet their services “very well”; 40 percent selected “extremely well”
  • 100 percent of clients think that we are “very responsive” in responding to and meeting their needs
  • 80 percent of clients are “very likely” to work with us again in the future; 20 percent selected “extremely likely” to work with us again
  • 100 percent of clients would recommend us to a colleague or a friend

To read about what some of our other clients are saying about us, read our testimonials here.

If you are a client (thanks for reading!), and you haven’t yet had a chance to take our customer satisfaction survey, then check it out here. We promise there are only a few questions and it should only take you two minutes of your time. Then, be sure to shoot us an email with your mailing address so we can send you your free gift!

“It’s the little things in life that make a BIG difference.”

So, even though today is a “SHORT” day for so many reasons (and, I kept my promise in keeping this a “short story”), these are just some examples of the “small” things we do each day that make a BIG difference for our clients.

It is clear how our work ethic, values, and mission impact our clients’ projects and their lives. We truly believe that our unique approach, value proposition, and high-quality services make a big difference every day.