We Can Help Grow Your Business

“When you love what you do, you’ll never work again.”

As business owners and leaders, there’s no greater joy than seeing your team succeed and your business grow. However, you usually reach a point where you are “stuck”, and something is missing to get your to that next level. Growth and success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires the right people, process, culture, and mindset. 

We know because we’ve done it.

Jaguar Business Solutions works with startups, small businesses, and agencies define what they need to grow and scale. We specialize in the following:

Business Analysis

Does your organization have internal struggles? Who doesn’t?! As an experienced business analyst, we can step in to understand the biggest pain points and challenges, and then perform root cause analyses to drill down and pinpoint those deep-rooted issues and sources of those challenges. Then, we begin mapping out plans and solutions for change, providing reports, process and organizational modeling, a complete implementation plan, and hands-on team support and training along the way. 

Process Improvement

We have years of experience designing processes, workflows, and building project management frameworks in various systems, tools, and software to help streamline operations and processes, allowing your team to work more efficiently, deliver a consistent end user experience, and reduce overhead costs. 

Whether you’re a tech startup or personal brand, a software development firm or a marketing agency, not every organization operates the same—and your processes shouldn’t either.

Project Management

Whether you need a project plan, a complete project management framework designed and implemented, or a project management expert to help coach your existing team of project managers or your PMO, we can handle it all. With over two decades of combined professional experience, and a long list of certifications and qualifications, the team of project management experts at Jaguar Business is ready to dive in and do whatever it takes to help project management be a success in your organization.


Project Management

  • Building initial project management frameworks
  • Building project management software
  • Providing ongoing project management support

Process Improvement

  • Identifying defects in processes
  • Process mapping
  • Designing workflows
  • Documenting processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Delivering live and recorded teamwide training sessions

Business Coaching & Consulting

  • Developing growth strategies
  • Organizing personalized action plans 
  • Coaching entrepreneurs and leaders on how to be better

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