Certified, Licensed, and Insured – Woman Owned and Operated

Meet the Team

Nikki Gniadek

The “Face” of Jaguar Business Solutions
Serving as the right-hand feline to our founder and CEO, “Nikki” has been the face of Jaguar Business Solutions (literally, take a closer look at our logo!) since its official incorporation in 2017.

Nick brings all the warmth and fuzzies to the team along with a positive attitude, prominent verbal “meows”, and the occasional fur ball.

Though lacks any basic marketing and communication skills, he assists our CEO with “rearranging” her desk space, keeps her office chair warm the second she gets up, and he’s the first to interrupt any Zoom meeting to alert the team (and Mom) when it’s lunchtime.

Nikki’s favorite activities include napping, watching birds, enjoying meals, napping, playing with his favorite toy…

Oh, and napping.

Julie Anne Gniadek

Owner / Founder, President & CEO

 Julie is a certified and professional project manager, business analyst, and process improvement expert with nearly 20 years of experience in both the “corporate” world as well as an independent consultant.

Jaguar Business Solutions initially launched in January 2011 under the DBA, J.H. Language Solutions, which provided content writing, copy editing, and proofreading services.

In May 2017, Julie left the “corporate” world to focus on her own business full time, growing and expanding the business into what it is today. Jaguar Business Solutions offers project management support, process improvement and optimization, business analysis, and business coaching and mentoring services to entrepreneurs, leaders, and small businesses spanning across the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. 

In addition to earning a Master’s degree in project management, she holds current certifications in traditional and agile methodologies, as well as Business Process Improvement Essentials (Lean Six Sigma).

Julie has managed a wide range of successful projects spanning across a number of industries, including custom products and prototypes through fabrication and manufacturing, digital products and SaaS applications, website rebuilds and redesigns, marketing campaigns, public events, and more. She has worked with both for-profit and non-profit entities, and even helped several organizations establish PMOs and developed a successful project management mentoring program. 

In her “free” time, Julie is a semi-professional aerial gymnast, dancer, competitor, performer, and choreographer. She enjoys reading, running, kayaking, hiking New Hampshire’s beautiful White Mountains. She is also a published author, diehard power sports enthusiast, and a cat mom.

Steven Gniadek

Special Projects Coordinator

Steven Gniadek brings a plethora of experience and unique knowledge in special project coordination to the Jaguar team. Steve is a process improvement professional with an extensive background in business administration, administrative coordination, graphic design, operations, technical writing, and other miscellaneous project support.

Aside from just another Gniadek joining the Jaguar team, Steve is a Municipal Conservation Commission Board Member regarding the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act for the town of Northbridge, Massachusetts, and Director of the Metacomet Land Trust, specializing in conservation, wetland protection, and invasive species management. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has an extensive background in environmental law, compliance and science, data analysis, contract management and writing, and administration.

In his free time, Steve is a highly talented self-taught guitarist, a fine artist, praying mantis “hobbyist”, and spends time with “Olive”, his feline friend with an Electra complex.