What Does Your Business Do Again?

I’ve been in business for 6 years, and it’s amazing to me that most people – including my own friends and family – still don’t understand what it is that I do.

When people ask me what I do, my response typically consists of the following:

“I write and manage content for websites.”

“I work with small, startup businesses to write web copy and manage their websites and digital marketing.”

“I help businesses with their digital marketing.”

…And so on and so forth.

But when people hear the word “website” in my response, they automatically think website design.


Website DESIGN and website CONTENT are two very different things – and skillsets.

Think of it this way: Say you are building a house. In this process, you need to hire a number of professionals to build certain aspects of the house. You need a carpenter, an electrician, and a plumber and maybe an interior decorator – just to name a few.

You wouldn’t expect the same guy that installs your plumbing and runs your wiring to pick out the paint in your living room, right?

Of course not.

The same goes for building and managing a website.

I work with designers, developers, an SEO team – typically a team that my clients already have in place – to build the back end of a website, handle the administrative portions, while my team and I do research, write content, and put together content marketing strategies, which include email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, etc.

We do everything that involves the written word.

We are the icing on the cake.

We are the final coat of wax on your car.

We are the paint in your brand new living room.

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