How to Build a High-Quality and Reliable Content Team

Every business with a content marketing strategy has likely struggled with finding a good content writer at some point. 

We’ve seen it ourselves too many times… 

Companies work with writers to produce content only to discover that it doesn’t quite make the mark. The tone or voice seems “off”, it isn’t on brand, or it just isn’t what you’re looking for.

…Or worse. Writers pull disappearing acts.

Finding high-quality content writers can feel like a maze, even in today’s “gig economy” when freelance writers seem to be a dime a dozen. 

So, how do you get around the challenges of finding a good writer, without spinning your wheels or blowing your content marketing budget?

In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to find high-quality, talented, and trustworthy content writers. 

Tips for Building a High-Quality, Reliable Content Team

1. Determine the Best “Fit”. No, we aren’t suggesting you “shop” for writers like a pair of shoes… Rather, we are referring to finding the best fit, both in terms of experience and skills fit as well as a culture fit. Regardless of whether you find a writer to work with your marketing team in-house or a freelance writer, he or she should bring talent, experience, and the necessary skills to the table, and should also work well and fit in with your existing team.

Your writer should also have a clear understanding of your business’ mission, vision, goals, and value. This not only sets up your writer for success, but it also ensures that anyone you hire—full-time or freelance—will understand what your business is about and what you are trying to achieve.

2. Hire an In-House Content Team. Seems simple, right? The issue then becomes quality. Hiring an in-house content writer or marketer seems like the ideal solution, especially since you can educate them on company goals, objectives, voice, and culture, all of which are important for creating stellar content that is also on brand.

However, unless you have a large company, hiring a team of full-time writers is likely out of the question. This is the primary reason why many companies outsource content creation to marketing agencies or freelancers.

3. Use “Gig Economy” Sites. There are numerous freelancing platforms available today, such as Upwork or Freelancer. One of the primary benefits of using these types of resources is access to different types of writers specializing in various niches, topics, industries, and so on. You can also find high-quality writers to produce content for a relatively low cost.   

The biggest disadvantages of outsourcing content writing to freelance writers are reliability, turnover, and quality. Most freelance writers balance more than one project or client, so availability often becomes an issue. 

However, you can mitigate these risks by searching for writers with the following:

  • A complete profile (with a picture)

  • A solid portfolio with relevant work samples

  • Legitimate work history

  • Positive reviews

Depending on your business’ needs, you may also want to look for writers who are local, available in a specific time zone, or who have experience writing on specific topics or niche.

By looking for writers with the above characteristics, this can help weed out many of those writers who likely won’t be the best fit for your team.

4. Partner with a Content Marketing Agency. Sure, you will likely pay more to work with a marketing firm or agency, but if they can guarantee quality and turnover of the content they produce—and work with you on strategy—this might be the best option for your business. 

A top-of-the-line, comprehensive marketing strategy with a big firm can help improve click-through rates, increase website traffic, and boost leads and sales. 

The Best of Both Worlds

Small, independent marketing companies are starting to offer versatile options for startups and small businesses who are looking to gain new customers, establish B2B relationships,  and/or beef up their social media following by establishing themselves as thought-leaders in their fields. 

Can you truly have the best of both worlds? A respectable and professional, but small,  affordable, and dedicated team of content writers, editors, content coordinators, and marketers who won’t sell you things you don’t want? 

Yes, this does exist. 

Jaguar Media Solutions assists with all areas of content—keyword research, topic brainstorming and ideation, content creation, and content management. Our team does everything from writing a la carte content pieces to full websites as well as customizable campaigns.

To learn more about our content services, contact us today.