Who is Dev Spotlight?

Dev Spotlight is a firm that specializes in creating content for software developers and DevOps. The team specializes in and covers an array of software development and DevOps technologies and works with a wide range of industry leaders.

The Challenge

Overwhelmed and overworked, Jason Skowronski, CEO of Dev Spotlight, was struggling with the same challenges as most entrepreneurs: too many tasks, too little time. As a business owner, taking on a world of projects is an easy trap to fall into. Luckily, one’s not alone in facing these issues.

The Solution

In need of a helping and experienced hand, Jason reached out to us for project and content management help with running a content pipeline with dozens of articles being written every month. Project Management being one of our areas of specialty, we were up for the task.

What We Did

Once on board, we made it our mission to work with the content team at Dev Spotlight to not only bring organization, order, and coordination to their content creation efforts, but also build more efficient processes to help the team work smoothly.

Auditing and Organizing

We started by organizing their project management tool (which started in Trello), prioritizing their projects, managing assignments, and setting realistic deadlines to get everyone on the same page (literally).

However, we knew that Trello was just a temporary solution. The long-term goal was to create not only an efficient but scalable solution. We helped the team research various content management tools, but none of them met the team’s specific needs.

After many discussions, the Dev Spotlight team realized why not leverage our team of highly-skilled and experienced developers and build a custom content management app that was rich with all realized that We also worked with the Dev Spotlight team to develop a custom app rich with all the features and functionalities we need?

Although our team continued to manage and oversee all content creation efforts, we also helped brainstorm ideas for the new app and helped test and QA the final product.

Processes and People

We wanted to set clear lines of communication, so we made ourselves accessible to each of the authors by doing regular check-ins, being proactive about deadlines, and working with authors on overdue work.

Due to the nature of their highly-technical content, we built processes that multiple review rounds and an automated notification system that notified reviewers when a piece of content needed their attention.

We also helped the Dev Spotlight team build a process for better managing and scheduling their social media.

How Jaguar Media Solutions Can Help

With our support and expertise, Dev Spotlight has been able to keep up with their workload and ensure on-time delivery for clients as well as establish efficient processes centered around moving content through the project phases smoothly and also improving communication across the board.

While project management might seem like a daunting task, we are here to support your business. Contact us and see how we can help you.