Sharing is Caring: How We Helped Giving Assistant

Who is Giving Assistant?

Giving Assistant is a Certified B Corp that transforms everyday shopping into charitable action. They utilize a special rewards platform that makes it easy to both save money and give back to the community. Currently, they have raised over $5.5 million and aren’t stopping there…

The Challenge

As one could imagine, running a charitable organization is no simple feat. The challenges were clear: disjointed communication, unclear actions and tasks, inconsistent processes and tools. And with a multitude of projects all happening at once, the true challenge was not the workload itself, but the many different facets of the business that inefficiencies ran across.

The Goals

We started by meeting with Giving Assistant’s former Vice President of Growth to understand their goals. Giving Assistant wanted to not only gain a unique competitive edge, but to also position their brand as a thought leader dedicated to providing consumers and shoppers on where to find the best deals, sales, and promotions on the Internet.

The Solution

Once work starts coming in, it never stops. Jaguar Media Solutions was asked to step in and lend a hand in the areas of content creation, content management, and project management support. We knew that by managing each project, creating timelines, and organizing workflows, so much could be accomplished as a team.

What We Did

Dedicated to the success of this wonderful organization, we immediately jumped in with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, forward-thinking, and a commitment to excellence.

Then, we worked with their team directly and proposed multiple recommendations of project management tools they should use as well as the best processes that would not only support their marketing initiatives and goals, but that would also help to cut costs and operate more efficiently.

Content Marketing Machine Overhaul

Then, less than 12 months later, Giving Assistant approached us with a second challenge: managing marketing initiatives for their brand partnerships team, which included overseeing all tasks and activities for creating email newsletters, social media content, and blog content.

We flew out to the Giving Assistant headquarters in San Francisco, CA, worked directly with their team to understand their current processes and workflows for managing their content marketing initiatives, which involved recruiting over 50 freelance content writers and developing a process and tracking system for assigning, reviewing, and publishing content on various topics, verticals, and mediums, which boosted Giving Assistant’s SEO for the first time ever.

How Jaguar Media Solutions Can Help

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and lost. By working with a professional team to identify weaknesses and gaps in your current processes, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are experts in developing processes and workflows, organization, and team support to ensure your company’s needs are met to the highest of standards.

There is no project too big or too small for our experts and we are happy to assist. Contact us and give us a chance to lend you a helping hand!