How Process Improvement Transformed this Business

Who is Persado?

Persado is a New York-based company that offers an AI platform that uses language to help motivate and engage customers. Persado’s highly innovative and advanced Motivation AI Platform leverages a vast language knowledge base and machine learning models to deliver language to customers in a way that gets them to engage and act.

The Challenge

Persado’s marketing team originally reached out to Jaguar Business Solutions in August 2019 for help with project managing their rebrand and website redesign project. The marketing team struggled with capturing all the necessary steps to bring the new website to life and compiling a realistic timeline. After a successful website relaunch at the end of 2020, the marketing operations team at Persado then reached back to Jaguar Business Solutions for help with solving a new challenge—standardizing workflows, processes, and getting the team to adopt Asana. Persado had tools to help them, but the marketing team still heavily relied on Slack and email to assign tasks and projects to one another, an environment that is far from scalable.

The Solution

Although the solution was relatively clear—develop simplified, repeatable, and automated processes that the team can easily follow and replicate in Asana, the Jaguar team certainly had their work cut out for them.

What We Did

Over the course of four to six months, Jaguar Business Solutions worked heavily with several core members of Persado’s marketing team to develop an end-to-end workflow, from intake to design to delivery, and processes for producing assets, planning events, and publishing new content. We conducted interviews with every marketing team member to fully understand their greatest workflow challenges and requirements. Then, we built out over 20 different project templates, complete with every step, task, and work activity, due date formulas, dependencies, stakeholder review cycles, approval milestones, and publish dates, complete with automated rules for easy project creation and setup.

Then, Jaguar Business developed a complete training program, which included three live training sessions (which we recorded) and a step-by-by “how to” Asana training documentation and presentation. We also helped train the team on how to use portfolio management, workload balancing, and project tracking so managers could see the bandwidth and schedule new tasks accordingly in Asana.

“Jaguar Business is a delight to work with. Process-driven, detail-oriented, and methodical. They strive to understand the root cause of each problem encountered to help teams perform more efficiently and effectively, no matter the industry.” – Brooke G.

How Jaguar Business Solutions Can Streamline Your Business

At Jaguar Business, we specialize in working with small businesses and agencies, and even marketing departments of mid-sized businesses, like Persado. We brought our experience and expertise in process improvement and project management, and knew exactly what they needed to solve their challenges.

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