How We Helped a Growth Strategy Consultant Scale His Business

Peter Perri, a growth strategy consultant, specializes in helping clients find new sales opportunities and create pipelines for faster growth. Peter’s proprietary framework, “Brand Based Engagement”, turns target audience leads into sales.

The Challenge

In August 2018, Peter Perri, a growth marketing consultant was tasked with redesigning his top client’s website. Unsure of how to approach and manage the project, he reached out to Jaguar Media Solutions for website design project management expertise and support.

The Solution

Being well-versed in managing website design projects, we were prepared to jump into the project and run with it. In less than four months, which was right in line with the initial timeline and budget, Peter’s client had an impressive website they could confidently show off on social media and also take to trade shows.

What We Did

After the website was live, and the company was ecstatic with the outcome, Peter then asked us to help with content management and production for his client. We set up a project management system (Trello), recruited resources, and developed a content management process—all from scratch.

Years later, we still help manage the content production process we mapped out for Peter. Because Peter now has a scalable process, he was able to bring on more clients with similar needs.

We still work with Peter to support his business and his clients on a weekly basis to this day.

“The Jaguar Media team is very detail-oriented and fast! Ultimately, speed is everything because clients want results quickly. Producing content is harder than it looks. We trusted an expert.” – Peter Perri, Growth Strategy Consultant

How Jaguar Media Solutions Can Help

We know the ins and outs of website design project management, what goes into producing quality content, and developing efficient and scalable processes and systems.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business with website design project management, content creation, content management or more.