How We Helped Rise and Shine Overhaul their Operations

What is Rise and Shine?

Rise and Shine is a business built on spirituality and enlightenment. Using a technique known as “The Infinity Healing”, Tarek Bibi, owner and spiritual healer is dedicated to helping people all of the world work through emotional trauma. By doing so, clients are able to unlock their true potential to succeed both in business and their personal lives.

The Challenge

As a quickly-growing company, Rise and Shine started to face some of the classic “growing pains”, such as resource management, streamline operations, and ensuring all team members are on the same page to get work done. However, they lacked the necessary systems to be able to accomplish this effectively, and were overburdened with the challenges of creating functional processes and a management system. They knew they need some project management support to help them provide the best possible experiences for their clients. It was that moment that Tarek Bibi reached out to us for help with business process consulting.

The Solution

Having worked with many clients before, and being a fast-growing company ourselves, we could relate to these challenges. We knew right away how to help the Rise and Shine team overcome their challenges and reach their goals.

What We Did

Change can be difficult for most clients, but the Rise and Shine team was on board and ready to adapt. Our initial plan of attack was to observe and “audit” existing processes, take inventory of existing resources, and “audit inventory of what was already being done.

We started by interviewing each team member to learn their roles, strengths, challenges, work styles and habits. We performed an audit on their existing operations manual. We aided Tarek in recruiting additional resources. We restructured their Asana board and task lists for each team member. We developed a weekly meeting cadence for the team as well as a clear-cut communication plan.

After three months of working with the Rise and Shine team, they not only had a fully-functional operations manual to serve as a documented training resource and point of reference, but we also provided them with guidelines of how to manage their tasks, time, and how to collaborate more effectively going forward.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to see this organization’s success.

“I interviewed many service providers to find the right fit in helping my company grow. Jaguar Media stood out to me as the best option. Their work was efficiently, and most importantly, effective.” – Tarek Bibi, Spiritual Healer, Owner/CEO of Rise and Shine

How Jaguar Media Solutions Can Help

We are passionate about helping small and startup businesses work more efficiently and meet their goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business with business process consulting and project management.