Save Sales: How We Helped a Business Development Company Triple Their Business

What is SalesEnable.US?

SalesEnable is a growing business that takes an innovative approach to business development. By developing, simplifying, and automating lead generation, the sales process becomes a breeze and effectively enhances client-business relations. SalesEnable develops custom outbound lead generation and selling models that enhance business growth, reduce costs, and adds excitement.

The Challenge

SalesEnable had a solid foundation of great software and big ideas. However, they lacked the necessary quality systems and processes that allowed for smooth, organized, and streamlined delivery. While in danger of losing their top client, and with potential new client accounts on the horizon, it was time for a change. As a result, SalesEnable brought in  Jaguar Media Solutions to get them back on track.

The Solution

After only one conversation, it was clear that both Jaguar and SalesEnable held similar values of integrity, time management, client relations, and a dedicated entrepreneurial focus. Therefore, it was quickly evident that Jaguar Media Solutions was By simply making SalesEnable.US’s production more hands off, Jaguar was able to help the company grow 3x the size in client acquisition.

What We Did

Jaguar Media Solutions knew the goals of SalesEnable.US were to build a project management system from scratch, streamline and monitor tasks, and ensure consistent, on-time delivery, and also ensure the SalesEnable team was in a position to present weekly results to their clients with greater confidence and stability. This meant getting organized, creating timelines, and communicating weekly goals with team members.

A New Way of Working

When working with a company to overhaul their delivery methods, it can be a fine line between being helpful and overpowering an organization’s vision. We always want our clients to feel that their ideas are the driving force of the new systems we build and help to implement and that they are apart of the process 100% of the way.

With SalesEnable, we acted as a soundboard for the CEO to make difficult decisions and worked directly with him to ensure this balance.

Management and Structure

SalesEnable had all of the right tools in their toolbox; they just needed some guidance and a process on how to effectively use them. We took time to restructure task allocation and taught them how to most efficiently delegate client work to team members. Time management was key in ensuring potential customers did not slip through the cracks and sales were locked in.

“Not many companies can say that they’ve tripled their business during a pandemic… but we have thanks to Jaguar!” – Daniel Redman, Owner/CEO of SalesEnable

How Jaguar Media Solutions Can Help

SalesEnable is the perfect case study of how a small and young organization with fresh, innovative ideas and an appetite for change can go a long way.

Jaguar Media Solutions is dedicated to the success of our clients. Our clients’ growth is our growth—and we are happy to help them every step of the way. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you get organized, get your team back on track, and get on the right path to reaching your goals.