The Best Nonprofits that Support Veterans

Veterans’ need for support goes beyond one day of acknowledgment a year. You can help bridge the gap by finding small things to do each day that make a big impact. 

The good news is there are a number of amazing nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting veterans every day. For example, some organizations help veterans transition back to civilian life, supply them with a therapy dog trained to their specific needs, or even simply provide emotional and physical support. 

So how can you get involved? Here are some of the top nonprofit organizations that support veterans. 

8 Nonprofits that Support Veterans

1. Dog Tag Inc.

Dog Tag supports veterans in a really sweet way: selling baked goods. Dog Tag uses the funds to support retired members of the military. The program is designed to equip veterans, their spouses, and caregivers with the tools to allow them to properly reenter their community with confidence, support, and a new purpose, as well as obtain personal, social, and professional skills to help them find a career direction and opportunities outside of the military. 

2. Freedom Service Dogs

Along with training dogs specifically for people with physical and mental disabilities, Freedom Service Dogs (FSD) also trains dogs to assist veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by performing tasks that show improvement psychologically, socially, and in some circumstances, economically. FSD has been recognized nationally for their life-changing work, and have teamed hundreds of dogs up with veterans in need since their start in 1987.

3. K9s For Warriors

Focused on ending veteran suicide, K9s For Warriors provide highly-trained service dogs to veterans who are experiencing conditions such as PTSD, physical injuries, and/or traumatic brain injuries. 

With the help and support of K9s for Warriors, many veterans have been able to reunite with their families, return to school, reduce the need for medication, and find renewed enjoyment of life. 

4. Higher Ground USA

Higher Ground USA’s mission is to create recreational therapy for veterans suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or physical injuries. They give these heroes the tools they need to achieve independence through the power of the great outdoors.

Higher Ground offers a number of recreational therapy activities, including teaching disabled veterans to ski with special equipment, hike mountain top trails, or simply provide emotional support. 

5. Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization that supplies programs and services to help veterans transition back into civilian life. Some programs include helping veterans connect with others who understand their needs, assisting with managing invisible wounds of war such as PTSD, returning to an active and healthier lifestyle, or educating them on financial wellness. 

6. Yellow Ribbon Fund

The Yellow Ribbon Fund is dedicated to serving injured members of the military and their families. This organization offers various living and transportation accommodations for families while service members receive treatment as well as recreational events and activities for them to enjoy. 

7. Hire Heroes USA

Transitioning into civilian life is difficult enough for veterans. Finding a job is a different story. In fact, 80% of discharged military members don’t have a job after leaving the service. Hire Heroes USA wants to help change all that by offering free job assistance to U.S. military members, veterans, and their spouses. 

Hire Heroes USA is connected with companies and organizations all over the country that want to provide veterans with job opportunities. Since their start, they have helped over 52,000 veterans and their spouses get jobs.

8. Operation Support Our Troops-America

By providing comfort, resources, and education, the mission of Operation Support Our Troops-America is to boost the overall wellbeing of veterans. They offer comfort and care packages, financial hardship recovery, three day Families of the Fallen seminar, and stress relief yoga methods. 

Operation Support Our Troops-America offers additional resources such as programs that are centered around coping with depression. 

Give Back to Veterans through Charitable Shopping

If you’re looking for ways to show your support for Veteran’s Day this year, or all year round, you can simply donate to a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families. Remember, every donation makes a difference.