A Complete Rebrand Strategy for a Chicago-based Nonprofit Organization

Project Type:

Complete brand refresh strategy and rollout

Framework / Methodology:


Project Management System:



Timeline and budget


The largest risks for this massive brand refresh strategy involved updating the logo, content, and look and feel of over 200 deliverables and 35 different stakeholders across the internal organization and external partner organizations and associations. The deliverables ranged from digital assets, such as printed office stationery to employee email signatures to an erected sign on a local highway. 


this project was, by far, the most successful and enjoyable of my career. In managing this project, we demonstrated exemplary leadership and project management skills. At the project’s outset, they conducted a comprehensive stakeholder analysis to identify all key parties, including the board of directors, donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. By engaging these stakeholders early and consistently, we secured complete buy-in and maintained it throughout the entire project lifecycle. We also properly and thoroughly planned facilitated workshops and training sessions with stakeholder groups, ensuring that every stakeholder felt valued and heard, and they understood the “why” behind the brand refresh. We recognized that this was key to reaching a unified brand vision.

Effective communication was another cornerstone of the project’s success. Working with the VP of Communications and a small internal team of six, we strategized and implemented a robust communication plan that included regular updates through various channels, such as regular in-person and virtual meetings, and an interactive project dashboard. This transparency fostered trust and kept everyone informed about the project’s progress, challenges, potential risks, and upcoming target milestones.

Our meticulous attention to detail and thorough planning were evident in the successful adherence to the timeline. We organized the project plan using Smartsheet, breaking down each of the 200 deliverables by phase and then task and sub-task. This allowed up They broke down the project into manageable phases, each with clearly defined tasks and deadlines. By using project management software, they tracked progress meticulously, identified potential bottlenecks early, and allocated resources efficiently. Additionally, our proactive risk management strategies, including regular risk assessments and contingency planning, ensured that the project remained on track despite last-minute additions to the already-impressive deliverable list.

Ultimately, the brand refresh launched right on time, complete with an on-site celebration party for internal staff and employees and the general public. This case exemplifies how comprehensive stakeholder management, transparent communication, and rigorous planning can drive the success of a complex project. And we were so proud to be apart of it.