Project Type:

Event / Exhibition

Framework / Methodology:


Project Management System:





Lack of ownership and decision-making, lack of proper project management practices, lack of clear processes, new resources and leadership, and schedule


Prior to working with a project manager, there was no project plan or timeline, and every weekly project team meeting—comprising upwards of 15 stakeholders at a time—involved a 60-minute discussion that was just that—a discussion. There was a lack of clear meeting agendas, note-taking and facilitation, and action items. It was unclear as to who was doing what and by when from week to week. 

We were brought in to “rescue” this already-behind event and exhibition and bring order to the chaos. Understanding that this was the team’s first time working with a project manager, Julie approached the situation carefully, tactfully, diplomatically, and professionally to not only earn the project lead’s and the team’s trust, but help them “right the ship” for their 2023 annual event. We are proud to say that the exhibit opened right on schedule. 

In addition to assisting with project managing the organization’s annual event, we also assisted with developing a framework for project management, and also helping the organization get on a three-year project planning cycle. This was one of the organization’s strategic goals for 2022. We did this by developing a project plan template using Smartsheet that the project lead and future project managers can replicate repeatedly. As a result, the organization is now in a position to apply for federal and state grants totaling upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 because they now have completed project plans through 2025.