Contact Cleanup and CRM Setup and Migration

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Scope creep, client communication, technical risks (unknown data quality)


The objectives of this project were to clean up all contact records, migrate to a single, comprehensive CRM, streamline the contact lifecycle—from creation to closing—on behalf of the CEO of a small Massachusetts-based healthcare company. This project’s challenges were clear from day #1. Jaguar Business Solutions was contracted by the healthcare company’s outsourced IT company to help organize and manage the project from beginning to end. This involved creating a timeline, creating and organizing the necessary project documents and artifacts (such as a scope of work, project success criteria, objectives and deliverables, and a final report), communicating with the client directly, and even assisting with developing training documentation. 

Although client communication was particularly difficult, scope creep was a constant risk throughout every project phase. Our project managers worked diligently to constantly address the risk, politely reminding the client of the core objectives, the scope of work they agreed to, and defining what “done” looked like. In fact, the client coined Julie “The Client Whisperer”, for her diplomatic, sophisticated, tactful, and careful communication style.

Although the project encountered a short delay, due to some extra time the client took to make a decision on which CRM to move forward with, at the end of the project, the IT company was able to successfully clean up existing contact records (reducing the number of records from 60,000 to approximately 30,000), migrate and import all “clean” contact records into the new CRM, and get the CEO to adopt the new CRM and view real, clean contact data. The final project report provided the owner of the IT company with clear success metrics that he was able to easily report out and share with his healthcare client, demonstrating the success and value of the project.

To this day, Jaguar Business Solutions still works with the IT company to help streamline their operations and customer success processes.