Custom Product Prototype

Project Type:

Designing, engineering, and manfuacturing a custom prototype 

Framework / Methodology:


PM System:





Changing requirements, extremely tight budget, client communication


The primary objective of this project was to build a real-life prototype of a new product for the client to bring to a trade show in January 2022. Jaguar Business Solutions worked with the manufacturing firm and team of mechanical and electrical engineers to scope out and produce the prototype. This project involved designing, engineering, and manufacturing an initial prototype for a new custom product. This prototype involved construction, fabrication, and a wealth of materials that needed to be coordinated, sized, shipped, and delivered to a facility in California for fabrication.

Although we ran into numerous challenges with managing the constantly-changing requirements, the manufacturing firm was able to successfully design and build a low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototype for the client. The prototype was then passed along to an electrical engineering firm and an IoT consultant to design and build the electrical components to fit into the prototype, since that was outside the scope of our initial prototype build project. However, Jaguar Business Solutions did facilitate that hand-off prior to closing out the project.

We still work with the engineering team to this day on an as-needed basis for project management.