Marketing Campaign for New Digital Course

Project Type:

Technical, Marketing

Framework / Methodology:


PM System:





Scope creep, client communication


For this project, we worked with the agency’s client to develop and launch all marketing materials (website landing pages [and design mock ups], paid ad sets, email nurture campaigns, digital brochures, and numerous other deliverables) to promote their new digital course on Metaverse. Why was this such a complicated project? It involved many moving parts, highly technical components, and multiple rounds (and layers upon layers) of client review cycles, and legal review cycles, making communication complicated, but of the utmost importance.

And above all, the requirements were somewhat unknown because this was the first time the agency’s client was launching this type of program (AND the agency’s target audience doesn’t fully understand what Metaverse is).

We built this project plan using ClickUp, complete with a detailed Gantt chart, both our teams had access to and could refer to, as often as necessary.

The agency hit all r internal deadlines; however, two days before launch, the client delayed the launch by two weeks. Through continued follow up and perseverance, we launched the program on July 26th, 2022.