Secure Chatbot Development for Healthcare Company

Project Type:

Chatbot Application Development

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High security requirements and compliance


This project involved working with a small group of application and software engineers and developers to develop a secure chatbot system for a healthcare company. The chatbot was to be designed to accept a user’s PII and store it in the correct database, according to very specific security and compliance requirements. The very short timeline for this project was only three months.

The team used Jira and followed certain elements of the agile methodology, however, we came in as the dedicated project management team to further organize Jira and build out the agile framework, which included planning sprints and calculating and estimating story points, managing client and stakeholder communication, providing weekly project status reports, and keeping the team on track (via Slack) on a daily basis.

The outcome? Once we planned out the project, further built out Jira and the agile framework, the rest of the project flowed. Despite the super-tight development timeline, we delivered the project and handed off the fully-developed chatbot software to the client on the final due date as originally scheduled.