Project Type:

Complete Website Redesign and Rebrand

Framework / Methodology:


PM System:





Timeline and Timely Review of Deliverables by Senior Leadership


This project involved completing overhauling the website while simultaneously doing a complete rebrand of Persado. This was a project that had been on the marketing team’s plate for nearly a year. However, without a clear timeline, or project ownership, the project continued to get pushed out. Persado then reached out to us to help develop a clear, realistic timeline and drive the project forward to completion. The biggest risk to this project was timeline, and with a number of review cycles with senior leadership to review website designs and other deliverables in a timely manner, we had our word cut out for us. 

We took the existing loose timeline and rebuilt it into Asana, putting realistic dates to it, and clearly calling out review cycles, in order to schedule those with senior leadership well in advance to hopefully help prevent further project delays. After navigating through the numerous challenges, Persado finally launched their long-awaited website in March 2021.

We still provide Persado’s marketing team with regular, ongoing process development and project management consulting to this day.