Project Type:

Complete Website Redesign

Framework / Methodology:


PM System:





Timeline, Resource Allocation and Availability


This project involved completing overhauling the website for the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) that was overdue by a solid decade. CCL was under a nearly unrealistic timeline, many unknowns, few resources, and other ‘moving parts’ within the organization contributed as project risks.

The team used Trello to help track all the work activities, which included web elements, development tasks, and content that needed to be rebuilt, redesigned, and rewritten. We stepped in as not only the dedicated project manager for this project, but we also assisted with rewriting some of the content, and even editing, proofreading, and QAing the website prior to launch.

The outcome? Despite the long list of risks associated with this project, we launched the brand-new, beautifully re-designed website according to the exact timeline we estimated at the beginning of the project.