Solutions Matter! Jaguar Business Solutions has provided concise, consistent, and quality blog content and always on deadline. Over the past several years, they have written countless blogs for a number of sites managed by Nead & Co surrounding project management and leadership themes. We are looking forward to continue working with them in the future! Highly recommended!

Nate K., Founder, CEO, Nead & Co.

Very detail-oriented and fast! Ultimately speed is everything because clients want results quickly. We have organized processes to deliver results across our client base!

Peter P., Growth Strategy Consultant

Jaguar Business Solutions helped us scale our project management in a short amount of time. We are now operating more efficiently than ever.

Harper Lazo, Owner, The Lazo Group

Julie from Jaguar Business Solutions has been instrumental in helping me understand my business and my messaging. I wanted to skip steps 1-5 and get to the end to try to start to gain new clients but she made sure I understood the importance of those first steps and how they set the tone for everything else. Julie was very easy to talk with and she would never make me feel dumb if I didn't know something that I should have and she genuinely seemed to care. I would highly recommend Jaguar Business Solutions to any business out there struggling to find their identity, clientele, or could just use a little uplifting to get back on track in their business!

Anonymous, Coaching Client

Julie was absolutely amazing; right from the very beginning, she displayed an incredibly warm and supportive demeanor. Julie played a pivotal role in shaping my brand, bringing to it insights and expertise that I couldn't have imagined. She skillfully set up systems in Notion, guided the development of my brand identity, conducted a thorough audit of my website, assigned valuable homework assignments, and consistently provided insightful initial feedback on all my queries. While working with Julie, my business grew tremendously from a two-member team to a team of four! The growth has been crazy, but with Julie by my side, having a coach who can look at my business from a bigger picture was fantastic. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy coach for your business, I recommend Julie. Her contributions have been transformative, and her unwavering support has been instrumental in my business's success.

Lexi D., Get Work Dunn

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