How We Helped a Company Find the Right Process

What is Ryan Lewis Creative?

Ryan Lewis is a talented cloud developer. His mission is to help developers learn about AWS through his online virtual courses. His company, Ryan Lewis Creative delivers fun, interactive, and creative videos, blogs, and tips through VitalSource, YouTube, and Twitter to help other developers of all skill levels in their pursuit to learn more about AWS. 

The Challenge

Ryan and his wife, Jacqueline originally reached out to Jaguar Media Solutions for project management support. Ryan needed help with organizing his work into “sprints”, and keeping him on task from week to week. With a vision in mind for his company, the only blocker that stood in Ryan and Jacqueline’s way was the lack of a clear plan.

The Solution

As a creative and talented individual, Ryan is never short on ideas. However, his biggest challenge was fitting those ideas into a plan, prioritizing them, and executing. After working with Ryan for only a month, we saw the need to develop a complete marketing and business plan, something that Ryan and Jacqueline admitted to never having before.

What We Did

Ryan’s wife, Jacqueline reached out to Julie personally and claimed how working with the Jaguar team had changed Ryan’s productivity, output, and even his mood towards his work. 

In addition to helping him expand his agile planning approach that would eventually propel him to greater productivity, we also helped develop a marketing plan and timeline, a business plan, and even helped move project management tools from Trello to Airtable, which allowed Ryan to create multiple work “bases” for his ideas, current work, marketing projects, and a business roadmap—and all in one tool. 

“I am always so glad that we found Jaguar and that they were able to help us get more organized and project-managed! Their kindness and professionalism are always noticed and appreciated!” – Jacqueline Meeks, Co-Founder of Ryan Lewis Creative

How Jaguar Media Solutions Can Help

Jaguar Media Solutions is committed to helping individual entrepreneurs and small businesses with their productivity, project and task management, and even how to improve their businesses—and in ways that work for them. 

Contact us for a free consultation today to find out what we can do to help you reach your goals.