What is Kriya Collective?

Kriya Collective is a creative-driven marketing and content agency with the mission of having a positive impact on the world. They support their clients in missions towards environmental sustainability, better healthcare, widespread education, and social justice. 

The Challenge

With a rapidly growing team, clientele, and workload, the Kriya team quickly realized they didn’t have the right tools or processes to keep up with their clients’ needs and demands. The Kriya team recognized the need for project management, and Jaguar Media Solutions was one of the first calls they made.  

The Solution

Since the team at Kriya was already well-staffed with extremely talented individuals, and the team was open to change and learning new ways of working, defining workflows and processes for each workstream was a snap. They were able to move past some serious hurdles, better meet the demands of their clients, and expand their leadership.

What We Did

After restructuring their workflows, streamlining processes, and standardizing Asana, Jaguar Media Solutions implemented a high-level strategy to their project and resource management, billing and time tracking, and general business model. 

With Kriya Collective, it was easy to come up with creative yet efficient solutions and trust that they were going to be implemented properly—and that’s exactly what they did. We gave them the tools and process to become a better, more structured organization, and they followed our instructions to a “T”. 

“I recommend their business to any agency who needs external PM support as Jaguar has the resources and commitment needed to level up the project management needs of any business or organization.” – Max Nepstad, Owner/Co-Founder of Kriya Collective

How Jaguar Media Solutions Can Help

We specialize in working with small businesses and agencies like Kriya Collective. We brought our experience and expertise in project management and process management and knew exactly what they needed to meet the needs of their clients and conquer their biggest organizational challenges.

Jaguar Media Solutions is committed to helping small businesses and agencies that want to excel their businesses. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you utilize new processes to get on the right path to reaching your goals.